10 year residence visa for Doctors, Investors and top students in UAE

10 year residence visa for Doctors, Investors and top students in UAE

The UAE has once again taken a historical move where his Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai announced after the cabinet meeting that specialist like engineers and doctors and investers will be offered a 10 years visa validity.  The families of these expatriates will also come under the same validity scheme.  These visa is also applicable for top performing students.

This news was bought into the limelight on Twitter on Shaik Mohammed post. Where he expressed about UAE intention to remain an incubator of global talent and also a permanent destination for all the international visitors.   He stated that the UAE has an open welcoming environment, high tolerant values, good infrastructure and flexible legislation is the best to attract global expats to the country.

This decision will be implemented by the end of 2018. The Vice president of UAE has addressed the respective departments to initiate the implementation by the end of the year and also look into the current UAE Residence visa and provide extension to students post the university studies to provide residence in UAE in future.

The investors in UAE should understand the current business opportunities in UAE based on the business in free zone or mainland. If an investor owns a business in the free zone then he can have ownership upto 100% based on the policies in different zones in the UAE and if an investor owns business in the mainland then this business can be owned partially by him and a UAE national will have the major stake in it.  But the advantage for expats with the new law is that irrespective of the zone they can own the complete business.

UAE has always been a safe place for investments but this new law has safeguarded all the investors completely.  These investors invest millions of dollars for their business and the 10 years duration of visa provides them higher security and helps him settle the business permanently for the high investment they involve.

The advantage these investors have is their families will also receive the same duration visa and the students in the country will receive a five year residency visa and students who excel in academices will get an extension upto 10 years.

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