Accounting Outsourcing in Dubai

If your mind is entangled and wavering due to your companies accounting situation then you are in the right place. Hallmark International is one of the top Accounting Outsourcing Companies in Dubai which can lower your burden by providing the best accounting services.

Also due to the current COVID pandemic situation, all the operations were paused which must have impacted your company as well and you also must be looking for some experienced resources to get you guys back on track while staying economical then contact Hallmark Auditors.

Our company is one of the best accounting firms in Dubai delivering the best results. We have experienced and certified accountants to support all your accountancy needs.

Our suggestion for every business aspirants would be to look at accounting as their first and foremost division to start with whenever they start a new business.

Hallmark International is one of the important names in Accounting Outsourcing Companies in Dubai. We provide accountant-centric system rather than a client-centric system.

If you want to outsource your accounting department then contact Hallmark International – top accounting firms in Dubai. Our goal is to provide skilled professional, experienced, and certified staff outsourced to companies in the UAE. Our firm has experienced consultants who can advice you on any financial matters.

Why outsource accounting?

  • Hallmark international provides you with the best Outsourcing services and relieves you from stress relating to bookkeeping, financial accounting, payroll management, etc. Our company includes experts with diversified experience which enables us to offer world-class services to you.

Who do we serve?

  • Our organisation provides accounting and reporting services to business firms of all sizes including the CFOs and other accounting professionals to manage their existing business without huge upfront investment.
  • We also provide end to end support to new corporate ventures including sole proprietorships to set up and maintain the financial books in line with the statutory norms.

Key benefits –

  1. Cost effective: Reduces overheads of your business and elude buried costs that come in the form of taxes, holidays, sickness, and benefits.
  2. Accuracy: Our expertise in accounting and reporting services ensures the highest accuracy in the results.
  3. Focus on core: With complex statutory norms and noncore functions, outsourcing accounting and compliance work helps clients focus on the area with higher returns.
  4. Scale benefits -: Consolidating multiple clients work in one place allows us to manage higher volume without moving into grander facilities, adding computers and staff.


  1. Manual Journal Entry services – Are you looking for professional staff to perform manual journal posting and finding it expensive to hire a dedicated team to manage accounting entries? Then, you are in the right place. Let our expert do their best and you rest. 
  1. Accounts Reconciliation Services – Account reconciliation is essential to the financial condition of large establishments/small firms. Our company offers specialised account reconciliation services for all businesses, corporate houses, and large organizations including MNCs.
  1. Invoice Processing Services – Time to concentrate on your core competency and save on resources by outsourcing the invoice processing to an organisation with expertise in managing end to end invoicing process including the quotation from vendors, recording of invoices, and storage of records.
  1. Project Accounting Services – Every project has a limited budget to work on. Hallmark International is one of the most sought after feasibility study companies in Dubai. We help you track the progress of all your projects from a financial perspective.
  1. Preparing Financial Statements – Irrespective of the size of your organisation, the health and stability of business resides in the financial statements.

Contact Hallmark International- top accounting firms in Dubai for accounting outsourcing and get rescued. Call now to talk to our experienced consultants who can advise you on any financial matters.