CFO Services in Dubai

CFO Services in Dubai – Business nowadays work in a more dynamic space. The CFO plays an integral role which is more strategic and important for the evolution of any business. Globalization has been the main reason for the progress of business structuring.

Most often all business need a CFO and sometimes the owners attempt to do it by themselves especially when the revenue of the business cannot afford the additional cost. Here CFO services in Dubai plays a role, where innovative and functional financial advice is required to cater to the evolution of the fast pace business environment to take the revenue to the next level.

CFO’s service includes all compliances from legal to financial to risk to internal control with the main target to better the performance of a business and the value of the main stakeholders through our strategic decisions.

The advantage of outsourcing financial services of any size of business be it small or medium can firstly cut cost and secondly improve the business efficiency.  There is a complete solution of CFO Services in Dubai to fit all kinds of budget.

Understanding the business priorities we take care of the following services to enhance the business growth.
  1. Company Incorporation & business structure
    • Advising the business by understanding the business model or structure and the company incorporation
  2. MIS & Dashboards creation
    • Creating a MIS that will allow executives and stakeholders to define targets and also monitor progress of KPI. Dashboards to enable better decision making for stakeholders by monitoring systems real-time.
  3. Financial Accounting
  4. Financial forecasting, Budgeting and future business plans
    • Understanding the overall financial picture of the investments, mortgages and other aspects and planning the budget for daily and monthly cash flow. Managing the short term, mid-term as well as long term business plans.
  5. Preparation of Financial Management Information Systems (FIMS)
    • Automating and integrating the financial management which includes budget formulation, cash and debt management, treasury operations, accounting and reporting.
  6. Compilation of record schedules for Audit
    • The training matrix, the drill, Incident schedules. Retention and disposal schedules. Following up with the Auditor to get the due diligence.
  7. Managing Financial relationships
    • Completely tracking and managing bank relationships by providing a single view of all accounts and activities with a bank. This includes lines of credit, insurance and foreign exchange.
  8. Cash flow and Capital management
    • Working thoroughly on accounts receivable and accounts payable along with inventory. Also working on current liabilities involved.
  9. Cost reduction and Business Process Re-engineering
    • Understanding effective ways of having cost reduction to minimize the loss and increase profitability and have a successful business plan re-engineered.
  10. Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Understanding mergers of two separate entities to combine to form a new organization. And helping in acquisition of one entity over the other in order to expand the company’s reach to a market share.
  11. Non-Executive Director Services
    • Engaging in company’s policy making and planning exercise. Including monitoring of the other executive directors and acting in the interest of the stakeholders.

Our clientele includes established SME that use our various expertise to build their business on financial as well as strategic level and helping the business owners make better business decisions by providing them timely information and advice.

The main agenda behind any of our service is to achieve the forecasted business goal and help company’s build a strong foundation in the recurring years and having a sustained business model which ensure the monetary growth.

Our consultation is tweaked based on the needs of the client from one hour consultation to full time. Understanding the demand of the business.