While the rules and regulations keep changing, the fundamentals don’t. Meeting the


Internal Audit is an independent process, objective assurance and consulting activity.


Investigative Audit also known as Forensic Audit is a dual disciplinary approach which


We are the part of your business even before you start the business.


Business valuation is a complex task when it comes to ascertaining the value of a different entity.


Due diligence audit is an audit that is done before making an investment or getting into contract.

Best Auditing firm in Dubai

Auditing is not only a complex but a very important task too. Proper auditing gives insurance to your business. Auditing helps you correctly manage your account books. It is also essential to detect and prevent errors and frauds related to your business accounts. You need to be very careful while choosing an audit firm because this decision of yours can directly impact your business future. Here is what you get if you are choosing one of the best auditing firm in Dubai.

  • Helps you with the business plan and feasibility studies
    • We support you in your business even before you start it.  We have long experience of working with numerous industries and clients, and we understand how proper auditing can make a lot of difference to your business. We help our clients to prepare a robust business plan according to your preferences and budget. We ensure that we will protect you from tough market research. Our team of audit experts will assist you with various business needs like market analysis, feasibility reports, and demographic studies, etc.
  • Business Valuation
    • Business valuation is very critical for any business. It provides the most relevant facts and figures related to the actual value of the company. It analyses the company’s competitiveness according to market competition, income values, and asset values. Through business valuation, best audit firms in Dubai understand the resale value of a company. It obtains a true company value, showing your company’s actual value according to the growth of your business, and helping you access more investors. In short, professional auditing helps you as well as others understand the real value of your organization.
  • Due Diligence Audit
    • Auditing is one of the major aspects of any financial procedure. It helps in dealing with reviewing, analyzing a process, or quality system. Auditing provides you the compliance of your requirements. Depending on the demand, auditing can be for an entire organization or a particular business function. We are among the top 10 audit firms in Dubai and we provide all kinds of auditing including internal audits, external audits and, internal revenue service (IRS) audits.
  • External Auditing
    • We understand the value of transparency in auditing. And we never disappoint our clients and stakeholders, when it comes to transparency. We also understand the importance of financial statement audit in a business’s success. Our team of dedicated audit experts do a proper examination of financial statements and accompanying disclosures of the entity. As a result, you get a proper report, and your stakeholders can do the correct analysis of the financial condition of your company.
  • Internal Auditing
    • It is another advantage of tying up with the best auditing firms UAE. An internal audit works like an independent asset. It is an objective assurance, and is designed to add more value to the operations of the concerned organization. We approach internal audit as a holistic activity and help our clients by bringing a systematic and disciplined approach to business operations. We help our partners by improving the effectiveness of control, governance processes, and risk management.
  • Investigative Audit
    • Also known as Forensic audit, investigative audit comprises two major approaches including extensive “know-how” of the accountancy and investigation for the fraudulent activities and searching for the missing money. You get various benefits of an investigative audit if you work with the best auditing firm in Dubai. Some of the benefits are:

Best Auditing Firm in Dubai – Hallmark Auditors

We keep our working relationship professional so that we remain unbiased while doing our auditing operations. We ensure to find loopholes in an existing system, and we are always ready to fix them.