VAT Services in UAE

The inception of VAT in the UAE makes the tax regime easy to consolidate and maintain as it has enforced consistent practices in the accounting discipline. These developments also ensure conformity in businesses. The Hallmarks Auditors has been the foremost choice of tax and accounting related concerns for the variety of industries to proffer Vat services in UAE. The team of qualified chartered accountants delivers the clarification and explanation of VAT obligations in the most simplistic manner.

Following that, we implement and execute the procedures to maintain conformity with their VAT obligation.

This strategy is devised to facilitate our customer for their tax-related issues. So they can focus on their core business without any concern about the developments in the tax regime.

If you run a business, it is highly recommended to comply with the laws, once you attain the tax threshold. Hallmark Auditors is the one-stop solution for the tax and accounting related issues and VAT Services in UAE.

Let’s have a look at what we can do for you:

  • Registration for VAT
    • Hallmark Auditors advise the procedural formalities and the date by which registration has to be made, considering whether the company got any exemption in this respect or not. While anyone can get the registration done, however opting for Vat registration in UAE is a wise decision to reach to professionals to get your work done.
    • Besides, they can help you to determine the activities of a company that are considered to be taxable supplies for VAT registration. To prevent fines for late registration, it is often critical that a corporation is enlisted for VAT in the stipulated deadline.
  • VAT Consultation
    • VAT consultation is an essential part of our services as well as quite important for an organization too. We try to comprehend the operations of an organization, their supply volumes, VAT inputs and outputs, and the capacity of reducing rates and exemptions. We also analyze their record-keeping capacity.
    • This helps us to determine the VAT obligation of business and recognize the modifications required for the current accounting structures and business processes.
  • Implementation of VAT
    • In order to ensure that procedures and systems are compliant, Hallmark must perform a thorough analysis of all segments expected to be related by VAT Regulations.
    • There may be a need for a revision in the document format and contract texts while some companies might require reexamining current price strategies in order to address the impact of VAT.
    • For the best VAT services, the abilities of organizations to deal with different kinds of VAT output and input alongside to generate VAT return files and FTA Audit files in approved formats are also analyzed for the determination of the business’s current accountability.
    • The impact of VAT on their income will also be assessed and ways identified to minimize adverse effects. Hallmark will help consumers to address the issues related to accounts and tax.
  • VAT Returns and Recovery
    • The VAT returns are mandatory and are to be filled on a month to month and quarterly basis according to the turnover of a business. In case an organization misses the deadline, it is subjected to penalties.
    • The accurate figures must be produced regularly with the help of a well-kept accounts system and the process. Being a tax agent Dubai, Hallmark Auditors enable its clients with hassle-free VAT returns properly and promptly.
    • Companies whose VAT output for duration exceeds the VAT input are eligible to get VAT reimbursement. Before issuing the refund, the FTA can request clarification or other supporting documentation.
  • VAT Accounting and Bookkeeping
    • Being the backbone of a company, accounting is the process of recording and measuring the financial records of an organization. This involves multiple tasks to be handled internally having financial records entered in a system or preparing for the tax such as VAT.
    • However, some businesses might get problems to handle such tasks internally. To cater to the needs, Hallmark Auditors bring the highest quality of VAT accounting and reporting services without compromising your operational costs. You can approach for the best VAT services.
  • VAT Exemption and Refund
    • As per the new tax regime, certain products and services are exempted from the Vat consideration. Keeping the track of these things is not easy for the finance team of an organization.
    • In such a scenario, seeking professional help is a better decision to keep a check on your expenses and saving unnecessary expenditures in terms of filling tax for exempted products and services.
    • Hallmark Auditors consult you for a variety of exemption related to VAT and provide accuracy in your tax fillings without any hassle.
  • VAT Fines Assistant
    • An organization might be charged with fines in case there is any VAT regulation infringement. A professional firm is a one-stop solution for all the needs regarding manage VAT related legal issues.
    • Being a prominent VAT consultant in Dubai, Hallmarks Auditors help to resolve the complex issue of VAT regulation violation in a precise way.
  • VAT Training
    • Hallmark Auditors bring them through VAT training for your employees. Our comprehensive programs make your resources competent for VAT related work by clearing their concepts and enhancing their knowledge about the Tax Laws.

Hallmark Auditors provides comprehensive VAT Services in UAE mentioned above. We as VAT consultant in Dubai and accounting service providers concede that every client has its unique needs and we are flexible enough to cater to their requirements.


VAT refers to Value Added Tax. 150 countries such as European Union (EU), UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia etc have implemented this form of tax.

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For startups, if the VAT attracted expenses are more than AED 187,500/, (USD 50K) such companies have to be registered under the UAE VAT law.

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VAT refers to Value Added Tax. It is a general consumption tax which is applied on goods and services as the Value incrementally increases at various stages of production, sales and marketing.

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