GCC is emerging as the new EU. Stability in government is very important for any nation now. A tax haven is not a safe place to park one’s money securely and legitimately in the modern, highly compliant taxation landscape.

Why UAE will continue to captivate the world?

  • Removal from ‘Grey List’: UAE’s commitment to transparency and compliance in tax matters has seen it delisted from the EU’s non-cooperative jurisdictions list. This will attract more investments into UAE.
  • Lowest Corporate Tax Rate in the world: UAE’s Corporate Tax rate (9%) remains globally attractive. Also , there is no personal income taxes.
  • Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements : UAE has concluded 190+ Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements and Bilateral Investment Treaties.
  • 45+ Freezones : A UAE boasts over 45 Free Zones, including the DIFC and ADGM, where English Common Law is applicable, and DMCC, which houses the internationally recognized commodities exchange (DGCX). Additionally, there are 27 Designated Zones that offer tax exemptions for distribution and trading, provided certain conditions are met.
  • Strategic Location: UAE’s location at the crossroads of major trade routes positions it as an ideal hub for global business.
    World-Class Infrastructure: Modern airports, 12seaports, and excellent connectivity create a highly efficient business environment.
  • Business-Friendly Environment:Streamlined regulations, minimal red tape, a strong legal framework, and robust support for entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Thriving Real Estate Market: A dynamic real estate market offers diverse investment and ownership opportunities. There is no capital gain tax or tax on rental income if the property is owned by individuals (residents or non- residents).
  • High Living Standards: UAE’s cosmopolitan lifestyle, excellent amenities, safety, and quality of life make it a desirable place to live and work.
  • Tourism and Hospitality Boom: Continued investments and attractions propel growth in tourism, retail, and hospitality industries.
  • Fintech Hub Ambitions: UAE offers a supportive environment for the development and adoption of financial technologies.
  • Renewable Energy Initiatives: UAE’s focus on sustainability creates investment potential in the renewable energy sector.
  • Logistics and E-commerce Growth: Strategic location and infrastructure position UAE as a regional e-commerce and logistics center.