Business Continuity Plan

Business Continuity Plan – The situation currently with the COVID-19 outbreak has been bad and it is growing faster than what we have imagined of. This outbreak is something that humans were not prepared for, and the effect of this virus can be seen in some of the most powerful countries like China, USA, Spain and Italy. Every business across the globe needs to do assess how well they are prepared for this and for how long and what kind of impact it can make on their operations and employee’s wellbeing.

Hallmark International Auditors has already developed a business continuity plan which will be reviewed periodically. The plan has a critical role in minimizing the impact of any interruptions.  In this difficult time, Hallmark international has kept the safekeeping of our employees and their families as our topmost priority. Our objective being to minimize the risk for our employees and clients and giving good results by achieving our targets. This is the right time for us to invest in the development, implementation, and maintaining of a viable business strategy as an organization to give a good service to our clients to perform at the same level that we were performing before the pandemic and to restore the confidence of our clients. We have ensured that our business operations or client services face no obstructions at any cost.

At this point, the most important thing is to plan a business program for a speedy recovery by using the resources we have and to use it at its best of capabilities. Working from Home offers flexibility, liberty and opportunities for us to create healthier habits while remaining productive. In order to ensure minimum disruption to regular work processes and optimum productivity, we ensured our connections works quickly, securely and efficiently.  Hence, we do not face a lot of problems in work from home situation. Even the network through which all the hallmark systems are connected is protected with an advanced level of encryption so that clients  get the best level of data security. Hallmark has provided our employees with the necessary tools and hardware requirements so that we can continue to serve our clients.

The Tech Tools which keep us connected during this quarantine period are Zoom for Video Conferencing, for Chat/Instant messaging, TeamVewer, Anydesk for remote access, Google Drive/Dropbox for Cloud storage, WeTransfer for transfer of huge data files.

Finally, we are following the guidelines of the government and want our employees also to follow the guidelines of the government because that’s how we will be able to be safe and help the government to contain this deadly virus. We thank our clients and really appreciate the trust and confidence they place in us and are doing everything in our power to protect our employees and prevent any disruption to our business operations or client service.

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