As more businesses are forced to work remotely due to coronavirus disease, several federal and state governments are moving quickly to enable fully electronic processes to keep businesses operating.

Public notaries too have brought forward the concept of offering remote services for customers who need them so that people get continued services even in these hard times. Some of the measures which are taken are mentioned below. Here are also some important guidelines regarding executing and notarizing documents in front of private notaries in Dubai.

Public notary in Dubai

It’s very helpful for the investors outside UAE to open companies and run business in UAE by giving POA to their trustworthy partners.

There will be some limitations to the remote services, and notarizing will be done for certain specific documents only. Some of these documents include:

  1. Legal notices
  2. Power of attorneys (‘PoAs’)
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. Service agreements for local agencies
  5. Civil Companies’ Memorandum of Association (‘MoA’), annexures, and addendums (not any commercial company like LLCs, etc.)

If notarization of other documents is needed, like MoA of commercial companies along with their addenda, these can be done only by private notaries. This will be in complete collaboration with Dubai Economic Department.

The notarized documents have to be delivered in the Arabic language, or it has to be certified in a dual format – in English and Arabic.

 Requirements and process for public notarization 

When you are looking for public notarization in Dubai, mentioned below are some criteria that you have to fulfill:

  • Having a BOTIM account is mandatory for all applicants (it is an application, which is downloadable on a desktop as well as on smartphones). The link is
  • Filled in applications have to be sent to
  • The email which is sent has to contain all kinds of appropriate information and necessary underlying documentation. The document should include but not be restricted to the following:
    • The signatory and applicant’s name, address, mobile number, confirmation of authority/ capacity, and Emirates ID
    • In case the application is made for a company, it is important that the applicant has to furnish the trade license of the company
    • Underlying documentation as proof of applicant’s authority (if applicable)

There is also a declaration, which has to be included on each page’s footer, which has to be in PDF. This declaration has been introduced by the Dubai Public Notary as is as follows:

 “I, the undersigned, declare with my full capacity and through video communication, using BOTIM, my consent on all what is stated in this application, and I sign accordingly.”

The approval process of the public notary

After the documentation is reviewed, the applicant is contacted by BOTIM. This is for furnishing further documentations or for making amendments, or for confirming notarization request approval. Relevant details are also verified with the authorized signatory and the applicant.

The applicant will get an SMS as well as an email that has complete details of payable fees along with the payment link. On making the payment, the original document reaches the particular applicant’s address.

 Dubai Private Notary 

The Dubai Court has given authorization to some local lawyers, who are referred to as private notaries, for conducting special kinds of notarization services.

 Different kinds of documents with which private notaries help

Almost all kinds of documents are included in this list which can be notarized by Public Notary. Some such documents include sale as well as purchase agreements of almost all kinds of assets, documents related to commercial companies, employment offers, acknowledgments and undertakings, mortgage transactions, and assignment agreements. The processes and requirements of private notarization are almost similar to that of public notarization.