All entities (free zone limited liability companies and branch offices) registered under the jurisdiction of the Dubai Development Authority (DDA) are required to file their most recent audited financial statements along with a summary sheet on or before 31 October 2022. Entities are required to make these filings through their respective AXS portal accounts.

Free zone limited liability companies incorporated under the jurisdiction of the DDA are required to maintain audited financial statements. Branches of foreign companies may not be required to maintain separate audited financial statements if the accounts of such branches have been included in their parent companies’ audited financial statements.

The process covers all aspects to ensure compliance with the relevant laws, as for DDA which will be the DCCA regulations (Dubai Creative Clusters Private Companies Regulations 2016), and an in-depth analysis of the financial information presented.

Dubai Development Authority is a Dubai Government entity that is mandated to play a major role in the future growth of Dubai’s economy. The overall development of municipal, economic, and immigration functions across free zone clusters is its main aim.
The Authority is mandated to play a major role in the future growth of Dubai’s economy and set global standards for urban planning, real estate development, and municipal and business services. The Authority is committed to becoming the enabler of business-friendly environments fostering business excellence for all its stakeholders, including real estate developers and all strategic partners contributing to the economy of Dubai.

Must have documents for DDA Audit Report
Balance sheet
Basic legal documents of the company
Income statement & Trial balance
Bank statements.

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